Press releases 2023

Thursday, 25. May 2023

Tuesday, 23. May 2023

Special exhibition in the Narrenturm: Radiation damage

All radiation – be it ultraviolet, heat, X-rays or nuclear radiation – will cause damage to the human organism if it is exposed to too much for too long.The new exhibition "Radiation damage" in the three special exhibition rooms in the Narrenturm will show the effects of radiation on the human body from 24 May 2023 to 20 April 2024.
Wednesday, 17. May 2023

New book: Birds of the Lake Neusiedl Region

A new book published by the Natural History Museum Vienna is devoted to a detailed exploration of the great variety of avian fauna around Lake Neusiedl, featuring all 371 species of wild birds that have been documented in the region. The region was mapped over decades in close cooperation between Austrian and Hungarian ornithologists. The book is available for pre-order until 15 September 2023 for a subscription price of €65 (later €95) at the publishing house of NHM Vienna.
Wednesday, 03. May 2023

New research project on global climate catastrophe during Triassic period: Drilling into the Earth’s History

Under the lead of the Natural history Museum (NHM) Vienna, an international team will spend the next three years investigating a worldwide climatic crisis that took place during the Triassic period: the Carnian Pluvial Episode (CPE). Rocks and fossils from the Alpine Triassic bear witness to this ecological disaster, one of the largest in the history of the planet. When it hit the planet 233-235 million years ago, this episode was marked by a climate change that resulted in global mass extinction in the Mesozoic oceans.
Tuesday, 02. May 2023

Thursday, 27. April 2023

“Girls’ Day” at the NHM Vienna – Federal Minister Martin Polaschek came to visit

On the occasion of this year’s “Girls‘ Day”, the NHM Vienna contributed to an initiative of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, aiming to provide career guidance for girls and young women by giving them a wide range of insights into the world of science and museum operations. In the morning, Federal Minister Martin Polaschek paid the museum a visit.
Thursday, 20. April 2023

Wednesday, 12. April 2023

Wednesday, 05. April 2023

Monday, 03. April 2023

New at the NHM Vienna: children’s university “Club Vielfalt” with workshops for children and adolescents

“Club Vielfalt” is the title of the NHM Vienna’s new childrens’ university programme series: between April and November 2023, workshops for children from the age of 8 and adolescents provide insights into the museum’s research activities. The NHM childrens’ university is part of the “2023 Childrens’ and Youth Universities”, a funding programme of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research.
Friday, 31. March 2023

Print your own dinosaur: "Diplodocus carnegii" is the new addition to the 3D Museum of NHM Vienna

Celebrating its second anniversary in April this year, the 3D Museum of the Natural History Museum Vienna by now boasts roughly 200 freely accessible 3D models on the Sketchfab platform. Now the NHM’s biggest display item has arrived at the digital museum: the skeleton of Diplodocus carnegii which dominates the museum’s dinosaur hall with its 27 metres in length and is very popular with the visitors.
Friday, 24. March 2023

NHM Vienna participates in global natural science database initiative

The results of a global initiative aimed at making the collections of the world's largest natural history museums accessible to everyone are now being presented in a new scientific publication. The initiative’s objective is to create a uniform database that leverages the collections of 73 museums in 28 countries. Under the leadership of CEO Dr. Katrin Vohland, the Natural History Museum (NHM) Vienna takes part in this initiative.
Tuesday, 21. March 2023

Easter at the Natural History Museum Vienna: a programme for the whole family

The Easter Bunny, Easter eggs and catkin twigs can be seen in many places during the Easter holidays. But what is the origin of the related customs stories? The Easter holiday programme at the NHM Vienna is hot on the trail of the Easter Bunny.
Tuesday, 14. March 2023

Thursday, 23. February 2023

New: Geology Hall at the Natural History Museum presents “The Earth. A dynamic planet”

When the NHM’s former Imperial Hall was reopened on 21 February 2023, the limelight was on the Earth as a dynamic planet. Open to visitors as of now, the new Geology Hall features an exhibition designed by the architectural firm Schuberth und Schuberth. It focuses on the structure and composition of the Earth as well as the beginning of the Anthropocene and illustrates that everything could have gone quite differently!
Tuesday, 21. February 2023

Invitation to the press conference: The Earth. A Dynamic Planet

Hall 6 - the former "Kaisersaal" - is undergoing general renovation and will be open to the public in a new setting from 22 February 2023. The new permanent exhibition "The Earth. A Dynamic Planet" focuses on the structure of the Earth as well as the beginning of the Anthropocene and shows that everything could have turned out quite differently.
On Tuesday, 21 February 2023, at 10:30 a.m., the NHM Vienna invites you to a press conference on the occasion of the newly designed hall.
Thursday, 16. February 2023

Natural History Museum Vienna and Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art are part of EU-wide project “Throwaway - The history of a modern crisis”

The Natural History Museum Vienna (NHM) and the Austrian Museum of Folk Life and Folk Art are participating in a cooperation project initiated and organised by the House of European History (HEH) around the vast topic of producing, throwing away, reusing and preventing waste. Waste is perhaps the most visible and tangible aspect of the looming environmental crisis. The project seeks to make the untold history of waste visible in Europe and thus tell a story of social change.
Monday, 13. February 2023

Analysis of cattle bones sheds new light on Iron Age in Austria

A new scientific study at the NHM Vienna has found that cattle from the Mediterranean region came to areas in present-day Austria as early as the Iron Age, between 450 BCE and the end of the first century BCE. The study’s results supply the first genetic evidence of cattle mobility and cattle imports from southern regions, shedding new light on socio-economic population structures in the Iron Age.
Friday, 10. February 2023

Tuesday, 31. January 2023

Friday, 27. January 2023

Natural History Museum Vienna launches wildlife crime project for schools

In cooperation with several international and national cooperation partners, including the Austrian Customs Office, researchers of the NHM Vienna have developed a series of workshops and lectures for schoolchildren intended to raise awareness about wildlife crime and species protection. The first workshop was held on 27 January 2023 at the NHM Vienna.
Friday, 20. January 2023

New Year's Reception: Mid-term review at the Natural History Museum Vienna

At the 2022/23 turn of the year, Director General and CEO Dr Katrin Vohland has decided to take stock of her first two and a half years at the Natural History Museum Vienna. Together with CFO Mag. Markus Roboch she will also provide an outlook on the major structural and conceptual development and modernisation of the NHM Vienna in the next few years.