At the reopening of the Meteoritensaal on Nov. 13,2012 a catalogue was published in cooperation with Edition Lammerhuber:

Franz Brandstaetter, Ludovic Ferrière, Christian Koeberl


Zeitzeugen der Entstehung des Sonnensystems/

Witnesses of the origin of the solar system


Verlag des Naturhistorischen Museums Wien

Edition Lammerhuber

p. 270, ISBN 978-3-901753-43-5

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Additionally the product range of our shop has been expanded to a few meteorite fragments, f.e.:

- Tissint

- Mondmeteorit Dar al Gani 400

- Gibeon

- Campo de Cielo

- Sikhote-Alin


Furthermore we offer 6 new postcard motives of meteorites, pendants with meteorite fragments als well as refrigerator magnets with illustrations of meteorits at our store.




From October 5th, 20011, one of the main attractions of Vienna's Natural History Museum is re-opened: the newly designed and modernized dinosaur hall. A life-sized animated model of an Allosaurus is just one of many highlights. Modern computer animations (produced by 7reasons,© NHM) and interactive displays give an impressive demonstration of life on Earth over 65 million years ago. Not only are giant skeletons - e.g., from diplodocus, iguanodon, and allosaurus - on show, but also an impressive multimedia station on the giant asteroid impact that led to the extinction of the dinosaurs.