Vienna Art Week 2018

"Falling Star"

November 24, 2018,  3 p.m. to 6 p.m.

Live wall drawing performance by Laurent Ajina and conversation with Ludovic Ferrière, curator of the Meteorite Collection of the Naturhistorisches Museum Wien.

About 100 tons of extraterrestrial material fall onto Earth every day, most of it dust. In rare cases, a stone, or so-called meteorite, reaches the ground. Exactly 250 years ago, on Sunday, 20 November 1768, around 4:00 pm, a bright falling star was seen in Upper Austria. Soon after, a stone weighing about 21 kilograms was recovered. It was one of the oldest witnessed meteorite falls from which we still have samples preserved in collections; its remnant is the largest mete­orite known from Austria.

The Event

September 2018:
A cooperation with Gartenbaukino in Vienna
"2001 - A Space Odyssey"

Celebrating the 50-year anniversary of Stanley Kubricks groundbreaking masterpiece, a new "unrestored" print of 2001: A SPACE ODYSSEY was created, under the auspices of fellow analogue-film aficionade Christopher Nolan. For the first time since the original release, this 70mm print was struck from  new printing elements made from the original camera negative. This is a true photochemical film recreation. There are no digital tricks, remastered effects, or revisionist edits. This is the unrestored film ­ that recreates the cinematic event that audiences experienced fifty years ago. Gartenbaukino is proud to present exclusive screenings of this new print from August 30th, 2018.
A cooperation between Gartenbaukino and NHM Vienna

Ticket-cooperation in September 2018:
Reduced tickets for the Natural History Museum Vienna, if you show the Gartenbaukino-Ticket: 10€
Reduced tickets for the Gartenbaukino, if you show an NHM Vienna-Ticket: 10€

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