Special Exhibitions

Current Exhibtions

Medicine in the First World War

24. October 2018 – 28. April 2020
An exhibition in the Pathologic-anatomical Collection.

MELTDOWN. A Visualization of Climate Change by Project Pressure

05. June 2019 – 08. September 2019
The Natural History Museum Vienna is premiering MELTDOWN, an exhibition created by the climate change charity Project Pressure.


26. June 2019 – 06. October 2019
Photographs by Petra Lutnyk.


Our Moon. Longing, Art and Science

30. October 2019 – 01. June 2020
The NHM Vienna takes the 50th anniversary of the first manned lunar landing as an opportunity to show the Moon and all its facets in an extensive special exhibition.

New at Special Exhibitions

Evolution of Minerals

from 5. April 2017

Sparkling new gemstone presentation

from 31. January 2018
The NHM Vienna houses one of Europe’s finest gemstone collections.