Fiction and Science

20. October 2021 – 18. April 2022
Dinosaurs have been extinct for 66 million years, and yet we all “know” what these primeval giants looked like! But how were the images in our heads formed? Films like “Jurassic Park”, “King Kong”, and “The Land Before Time” have shaped our perception of dinosaurs. However, do they correspond to the state of research? And how have they changed over time?
The exhibition “KinoSaurier” (“CineSaurs”) answers these questions by taking the visitors on a journey through film history - from the first clumsy models of the 19th century to the agile, computer-animated dinosaurs of modern cinema. Between skeletons and life-size models, the major turning points in the scientific reconstruction of dinosaurs and the rapidly advancing development of trick technology are illustrated by numerous film sequences, posters, and works of paleo-art.
Thereby, it becomes obvious that three factors work together in the creation of the “CineSaurs”: the technical possibilities for special effects, the current state of research - and a huge amount of imagination.
What would dinosaurs look like today if they weren't extinct? Find the answer in the “KinoSaurier” exhibition as well!