BIO•FICTION Science, Art and Film Festival

23. October 2014 - 25. October 2014

BIO·FICTION is a science, art and film festival, which deals with the field of synthetic biology, a young branch within biotechnology. Far from limiting itself to the manipulation of existing genomes, synthetic biology actually wants to redesign life in accordance with the principles of engineering. The production of completely novel materials, alternative energy sources or medical drugs could all have a significant impact on our future everyday life and consequently catapult synthetic biology into the center of the socio-political arena. BIO·FICTION explores the topic from a variety of perspectives, and attempts to encourage a meaningful dialogue between natural and social scientists, filmmakers, artists, designers, biohackers as well as the general public. Along with an interdisciplinary lecture series, there will be interactive citizen science workshops, dance performances and art installations. An integral part of the festival is also an international short film competition featuring screenings at the nearby Bellaria cinema (Museumstraße 3). The award ceremony takes place during the BIO·FICTION grand gala finale in the NHM’s lavish Cupola Hall.

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