Dr. Simone Recchi


Freier Dienstnehmer, Planetarium


  • Astronomie

Fachliche Spezialisierung:

  • Entwicklung von Zwerggalaxien
  • Chemische Entwicklung
  • Sternentstehung
  • Papaderos, P., Recchi, S., & Hensler, G. (Eds.), Dwarf Galaxies: Keys to Galaxy Formation and Evolution, Proceedings of Symposium 3 of JENAM 2010, Astrophysics and Space Science Proceedings. ISBN 978-3-642-22017-3. Springer-Verlag Berlin Heidelberg, 2012

Publikationen in internationalen Zeitschriften (peer-reviewed):

In Bearbeitung:
  • Hensler, G. & Recchi, S., Chemo-dynamical simulations of galaxies, review paper to appear in a special issue of “Galaxies”
  • Recchi, S., & Hacar, A., On the equilibrium of bundles of filaments (about to be submitted)
  • Teichmann, F., & Recchi, S., The effect of Type Ia supernova rates on the chemodynamical evolution of galaxies

  • Vincenzo, F., Matteucci, F., Recchi, S., Calura, F., McWilliam, A., & Lanfranchi, G.A. 2015, The IGIMF and other IMFs in dSphs: the case of Sagittarius, MNRAS, 449, 1327
  • Vorobyov, E.I., Recchi, S., & Hensler, G. 2015, Stellar hydrodynamical modeling of dwarf galaxies: simulation methodology, tests, and first results, A&A, in press (eprint arXiv:1504.04454)
  • Recchi, S., Kroupa, P., & Ploeckinger, S. 2015, The mass-metallicity relation of tidal dwarf galaxies, MNRAS, in press (eprint arXiv:1504.02473)
  • Ploeckinger, S., Recchi, S., Hensler, G., & Kroupa, P. 2015, Chemodynamical evolution of tidal dwarf galaxies - II. The long-term evolution and influence of a tidal field, MNRAS, 447, 2512
  • Melekh, B., Recchi, S., Hensler, G., & Buhajenko, O. 2015, Photoionization analysis of chemo-dynamical dwarf galaxies simulations, MNRAS, in press (eprint arXiv:1503.04195)
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Mitarbeit innerhalb wissenschaftlicher Projekte:
  • Formation of Globular Clusters (with J. Palous, R. Wünsch, A.
  • Chemo-dynamical evolution of dwarf galaxies (with G. Hensler)
  • Evolution of Tidal Dwarf Galaxies (with P. Kroupa, S. Ploeckinger, G. Hensler)
  • Variation of the initial mass function in galaxies (with P. Kroupa, S. Ploeckinger)
  • Equilibrium and stability of star-forming filaments (with A. Hacar)