Vom Keller bis in Dachgeschoss - Archiv für Wissenschaftsgeschichte

Christa Riedl-Dorn und Robert Pils, NHM-Archives Treasures, which - for conservation reasons - can be on display only short-term: From Historic bacterial cultures up to microscopic preparations of Emperor Ferdinand I. of Austria.
Sun, 1.2., 11:00 a.m, IN GERMAN

Hallstatt Research Online

The oldest salt mine in the world, the oldest wooden staircase in Europe and a brand new online presence: The museum’s Halllstatt research has it’s own website now: http://www.nhm-wien.ac.at/hallstatt

Dinosaurs and their Contemporaries

Not all "terrible giant lizards" were huge and dangerous predators. Besides T. Rex  you will meet little dinosaurs in our museum, that were not much bigger than a chicken. Mold tracks with plaster and make your own snap dinosaur. IN GERMAN