Dr. Aurore Hützler


Project researcher


Project Researcher on the EURO-CARES (European Curation of Astromaterials Returned from Exploration of Space) project (www.euro-cares.com).


Phone:+43 1 52177-620
See www.euro-cares.com.

EURO-CARES (European Curation of Astromaterials Returned from Exploration of Space) is an international project for the development of a roadmap for a European Sample Curation Facility, designed to receive and curate samples returned from various space missions to extra-terrestrial bodies.

The EURO-CARES team at the NHM Vienna (Dr. Aurore Hützler and Mag. Dr. Ludovic Ferrière) focuses on the part “Facilities and Infrastructures” which covers all the aspects from the building design (including the construction, operation, security, etc.) to the storage of the samples (sample holder, monitoring, etc.), and the curation (sample handling, storage and database).
2007-2011: Bachelor and Master Degrees (Earth’s Physics and Chemistry; Planetary Sciences) - Ecole Normale Supérieure de Lyon, France.

2011-2015: Ph.D. Geochemistry – The Flux of Meteorites on Earth: Contribution of measuring the concentration of multiple cosmogenic nuclides, and collections in arid areas. Supervisors: Pierre Rochette and Didier Bourlès. Aix-Marseille University, France.
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Papers published in refereed journals

Density, porosity, mineralogy, and internal structure of cosmic dust and alteration of its properties during high velocity atmospheric entry. T. Kohout · A. Kallonen · J. -P. Suuronen · P. Rochette · A. Hutzler · J. Gattacceca · D. D. Badjukov R. Skála · V. Böhmová · J. Čuda. Meteoritics and Planetary Science 49, p1157-1170 (2014).

Radionuclides studies from stony meteorites in hot desert. T. Jull, M.D. Giscard, A. Hutzler, C. J. Schnitzer, D. Zahn, G.S. Burr, L.R. McHargue, D. Hill. Radiocarbon, vol. 55, p.1779-1789 (2013).

Carbon and oxygen isotope fractionations between aragonite and calcite of shells from modern molluscs. Lécuyer C., Hutzler A., Amiot R., Daux V., Grosheny D., Otero O., Martineau F., Fourel F., Balter V., Reynard B. Chemical Geology, vol. 332 p.92-101 (2012).

Abstracts published

Cosmogenic nuclide study of large iron meteorites. A. Hutzler · T. Smith · P. Rochette · D. L. Bourles · I. Leya · J. Gattacceca. 77th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical-Society (2014).

Meteorite flux to the Earth: new results from the Atacama desert (Chile). A. Hutzler, J. Gattacceca , P. Rochette,  T. Jull, M. Valenzuela, M. Uehara, M. Gounelle. Poster - The Second Arab Impact Cratering and Astrogeology Conference (2012).

(FRIPON) Fireball Recovery and Interplanetary Matter Observation Network. F. Colas · B. Zanda · P. Vernazza · J. Vaubaillon · S. Bouley · J. Gattaccecca · D. Baratoux · M. Birlan · C. Cournede · C. Fieni · A. Hutzler · A. Jambon · L. Maquet · O. Mousis · P. Rochette · J. Strajnic · F. Vachier. LPI Conference (2012).

Cosmic spherule density in soil and surface exposure age in the Atacama desert, Chile. Rochette P., Hutzler A., Nyindong A., Spitale S., Bourles D., Braucher R., Chaurand P., Gattacceca J. . Meteoritics & Planetary Science, vol. 46 p.A199-A199 (2011).

New Dense Collection Area in Atacama Desert, Chile: preliminary results. A. Hutzler, J. Gattacceca, P. Rochette1, T. Jull, M. Valenzuela, C. Cournede, M. Uehara, N. Laridhi-Ouazaa, M. Gounelle, R. Braucher.  74th Annual Meeting of the Meteoritical Society (2011).
- Geochemistry of stable and radioactive isotopes
- Hot desert meteorites
- Extra-terrestrial sample return missions
- Event planning and management
- Horse-riding, dancing, singing, …